Circle (2017) ျမန္မာစာတန္းထုိး

Circle (2017) ျမန္မာစာတန္းထုိး

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Taking place in both the present year 2017 and in the year 2037, when people believe that their future depends on humans controlling and regulating their emotions, this drama is a sci-fi mystery. When alien visitors arrive on Earth, humans learn new skills from them and take advantage of them; what ensues is a story of alliance, resistance, and love.

Each episode will contain two shorter stories, the first part set in 2017 and called “Beta Project,” with the second set in 2037 and called “Grand New World.”

Native Title: 써클: 이어진 두 세계

Also Known As: Sseokeul: Ieojin Du Segye , Circle: Two Connected Worlds

Directors: Min Ji Ki, Jung Hyun Nam

Screenwriters: Kim Jin Hee, Yoo Hye Mi, Ryu Moon Sang, Park Eun Mi

Genres: Mystery, Drama, Sci-Fi, Investigation










EP – 9



EP – 12 END

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