Cheese in the Trap (2018) ျမန္မာစာတန္းထုိး

Cheese in the Trap (2018) ျမန္မာစာတန္းထုိး

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1h 56min | Romance | 14 March 2018 (South Korea)

Hong Seol is an ordinary university student. She is busy working part-time jobs to pay for her tuition fee and living expenses. Yoo Jung is her senior at the same university. He seems perfect. He comes from a wealthy family, he has a kind attitude to others and he is handsome, but Hong Seol does not feel comfortable with Yoo Jung. Suddenly, Yoo Jung comes and talks to her. He wants to go out on a date.

Director: Je-Yeong Kim

Writer: Soonkki (webtoon)

Stars: Deok-hyeon Jo, Hyun-Jin Kim, Hye-mi Na






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